May 29, 2017

Windows 10 S: Microsoft’s Student-Friendly Operating System

Microsoft launched Windows 10 S– the new system described to be more streamlined, secure, simple, and speedy. With the latest features and functions, the new operating system is dubbed to be every student’s best friend.

Here’s why:

Budget friendly

Photo courtesy of 24|7 Emirates

Windows 10 S is available even on lower cost computers. Students can now focus on their schoolwork more instead of worrying about finances because good things CAN come at an affordable price.

A faster boot and more power

Photo courtesy of Youtube

Microsoft promises computer startup and log in in just 15 seconds even with several apps installed. This is definitely a great way to meet deadlines and not waste any time waiting to get work done.

Convenient USB set up

Photo courtesy of Quora

Multiple computers are usually used in a classroom environment and this makes preparing the devices for the school year strenuous. Windows 10 S makes life easier for schools by enabling them to set-up the system through USB with preconfigured options one can customize for educational purposes.

File protection

Photo courtesy of Indian Express

Students can keep files safe from being stolen with Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption system. You can also expect updates similar to Windows 10.

Great freebies

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Oh, and did we mention? Windows 10 S comes with a Minecraft: Education Edition subscription for 1 year. Other than that, Microsoft is giving schools Office 365 for Education for free.

Although Windows 10 S can only run apps downloaded from the Windows store, people can still run third-party apps if they pay an additional $49 and upgrade the system to Windows 10 Pro.
The new Microsoft OS will be available in the US on June 15.