May 31, 2017

Major Android Updates Await HTC U11

HTC’s newest flagship smartphone, HTC U11 is expected to be released in the United States and other markets next month. But before the much-awaited release, another good news is set to convince the users to shift to the mobile company’s latest offering.

Photo courtesy of Android Community

HTC U11 is the 2017 star of HTC’s “U” series–offering a faster processor, improved battery life, a more compact body, and a better camera. It’s the world’s first “squeezable” smartphone that provides new interactive experience for its users. It’s also HTC’s version of the overhaul smartphone, catching up on the latest trends in technology and coping up with the competition.

Photo courtesy of Stratlr Tech Blog

Chailin Chang, President of Smartphones and Connected Devices at HTC, recently announced that HTC U11 will soon be updated with two versions of Android–Android O and Android P–that Google may release in 2018. This means the HTC U11 will have extended life cycle, depending on its capacity to meet the hardware and software demands of future Android versions. This offering is expected to bring more value to the consumers.

Photo courtesy of MNR Daily

HTC U11 will be with the Android 7.1 Nougat and HTC’s proprietary Edge Sense technology. It will later be upgraded to Android O once Google releases the full version of the operating system in the second half of the year. Android O will improve boot times and application performance, as well as stability of the smartphones. It will also offer new features to the mobile platform such as selecting on-screen text based on Google’s machine learning algorithms.

The HTC 11 Android update will offer automatic implicit broadcasts, background services, and location updates. It also means better battery life. It’s a known fact that battery life has always been one of the major factors users consider when buying a new smartphone; thus, the new Android version will try to unravel this issue. While Android O is still on its beta version, more new features are expected to complement HTC’s newest phone.

HTC may have been on the bottom of the smartphone competition for several years, but this new attempt to change the design philosophy and technology upgrade will hopefully help the company establish its edge among its competitors.