Sometime last year, Verizon was set to acquire Yahoo at $4.83 billion by the first quarter of 2017. But because of a Yahoo security breach, the acquisition deal had to be delayed to the second quarter. Why are they pushing

The first car ever to be designed and assembled in the UAE has been flown to France for an exhibit at “24 hours Le Mans”. Inspired by the 1960’s retro look and fused with a futuristic appeal, the Jannarelly Design-1

Since Intel announced its release of the Core i9 during Computex, enthusiasts have been keeping on the edge of their seats. Let’s go over the essentials of the Intel Core i9. What are we looking at?   The Core i9

Last Sunday, India and Pakistan–long-time sports rivals–battled it out on the field to prove who has the greatest cricket team. Pakistan emerged as the champion, and their whole face-off garnered 1.8 million tweets from fans all over the world. Now

Sometimes when you’re rushing to meet a deadline,  your computer just decides to slow down. It’s as if it knows when you need it the most and then it messes up on purpose! Other people prefer to pay for computer

Heads up, Emirati Whatsapp users: rumour has it that you can now use the voice and video-calling features of the app. How true is it and will it last long? An early “Eid al Fitr Gift”? According to various sources, a

Are you fond of shopping? If you are, we guarantee that you’ll love Fetchr’s new service. The Dubai-based technology startup which offer logistical services recently partnered with Dubai-based developer Majid Al Futtaim to provide delivery services to mall customers. How

Heads up, Emiratis: you might be saying goodbye to traditional SIM cards sooner than you think. According to various new sources, various telecom operators, including etisalat and du, are planning to increase production of eSIMs due to the positive reception

Just last year, Google reported that UAE has a whopping 73.8% share in global smartphone penetration, which puts the country in the top spot. Indeed, spotting an Emirati without a smartphone in hand is a rare sight nowadays, especially when

People are holding their breath with only tech rumors and concept photo leaks to base their expectations of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on. So far, what people are certain of is that the phablet will be released around August 2017. Let’s