June 1, 2017

5 Great Apps To Guide You Through Ramadan

Ramadan is a display of faith, great sacrifice, and love. This season is a chance for Muslims everywhere to strengthen their devotion while reaching out to their brothers and sisters in need. However, as work and life move faster and become busier, it’s quite hard keeping up with one’s actions and practices. For the young and working Muslim, here are 5 helpful apps for Ramadan season.

Sun n Moon

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Stay on track with your fasting and prayers using this app. Depending on the city you select, your GPS data will be processed in order to determine when the sun and moon will set and rise. The app also comes with a compass that follows the sun and moon’s position.


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Never skip a verse in your prayers with Al-Quran. Read through the Holy text or have it read for you in the voices of different Qari and Imam. Looking for a specific word? Use the local search engine to browse the text for you. And if you find a verse that inspires you, you can bookmark the page and keep coming back to it.

Ramadan Tracker

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This app gives your Ramadan experience a fun twist. You can gamify your practice by assigning points to certain actions and set your target score for the day. A pre-made checklist of habits is already available so all you need to do is tick each one off and accumulate points. If you want to see how much you’re reaching your targets, you can check your progress in chart or graph form.


Zabihah Ramadan apps

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Once the fast ends, the Zabihah app is your Iftar buddy. Find all the halal restaurants and markets within your area, wherever you are in the world. This app features halal food places and even masjids in the Middle East, Canada, The US, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Muslim Pro

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We’ve gone through apps that caters to specific needs—but what about one that offers the complete package? This app comes with a prayer time indicator based on where you are, visual and audio notifications for prayer calls, fasting times, audio recitations of the Quran, halal restaurant and masjid locator, and so much more.

There are so many other applications out there that can assist you in practicing your faith. Be sure to check them out, and if you find the right one, it will definitely help you become your most productive self.