June 5, 2017

Just How Essential is the Essential Phone?

Everyone is probably overwhelmed with the variety of choices in the smartphone market right now, but listen up: there’s another competitor on the rise that major brands should watch out for. Andy Rubin, the man behind Android, revealed his latest creation this week–the Essential Phone, which is set to go up against the likes of Samsung and Apple. Just after a few days in, the phone has already received all sorts of both positive and negative feedback.

The Screen

Photo courtesy of Essential

One feature that drew the most attention was its 5.71-inch QHD bezel-free screen. Battling Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+, the Essential Phone’s screen definitely maximises space.However, not too many people are happy with the placement of the front camera. It is considered to be a design flaw since it cuts off certain elements on the screen. Rubin, however, pointed out that the space is hardly used by Android anyway.

The Body

Photo courtesy of Essential

The Essential Phone also managed to pass several drop tests with its ceramic and titanium protected body. These materials beat the dent-prone Aluminum found on most phones.


Photo courtesy of Essential

After the iPhone 7 received a lot of flak for not having an earphone jack, you’d think phone companies would learn and avoid this move—wrong. Cutting down the phone features to what was “essential”, the company chose to omit the earphone jack from the design. There have been negative comments but all is not lost since there are magnets attached next to the rear camera, where you can connect various accessories such as magnetic earphones or the 360 camera which is also sold separately.


Photo courtesy of Essential

The Essential Phone runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, contains 4 GB RAM, and holds up to 128 GB in storage with battery power at 3,040mAh. Snapdragon 835 is considered as Qualcomm’s top processor in terms of power—so this is something to look forward to.

The Essentials

Photo courtesy of Essential

The product also has a fingerprint scanner located at the back, and a USB-C port—meaning it’s not totally cordless. Unlike other phone brands, there will be no logo displayed on the body of the phone.

The Name

Just last week, the US-based company Spigen sent out a cease and desist letter to the makers of Essential phone for alleged infringement of intellectual property by using the term “Essential”, which is already trademarked by Spigen in August last year. According to reports, Rubin and his team attempted to file the name “Essential Products, Inc.” for registration in the US Trademark Office in November 2016 but was turned down in favor of Spigen. However, Rubin pushed through with the name despite the rejection. As of writing, the two parties have yet to reach an agreement nor a decision.


We cannot say for sure how well this phone will do since it is yet to be released in late June at $699, but what do you think based on first impression? Let us know below!