June 5, 2017

Foxconn Leaks New iPhone 8 Information

Apple’s much awaited Worldwide Developers Conference happens today but it seems that a few people have gotten a bit overexcited. Just this weekend, a massive leak on Apple’s upcoming products for this year was unleashed via Reddit, courtesy of three employees from Apple’s manufacturer, the Taiwanese company Foxconn.

The identities of the Foxconn employees have been verified by the forum’s moderators but they still highly suggest that the once-classified information is to be taken with “a grain of salt”, perhaps to avoid disappointment if the massive leak turns out to be a ginormous hoax. Below, we list down the most important features that will allegedly grace the upcoming mobile device, which they referred to as the iPhone X.


Photo courtesy of BGR

According to the insiders, the iPhone X will not resemble any of the past models. The new screen is expected to have an 18.5:9 ratio—a far cry from the 16:9 ratio Apple enthusiasts are used to. If this is true, this will put the iPhone X in the same league as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6.

Photo courtesy of Pocketnow

The bezels are much thinner to give way for the display’s size upgrade. Ultimately, this would also mean that we will be bidding goodbye to the Home button.

It seems that the Touch ID will no longer be present in the upcoming model, either. As told by the insiders, the capacitive touch module does not respond well in tests when placed under the glass screen. They also shot down rumours of a rear fingerprint scanner. They are claiming those sensors will be integrated into the display instead.


The insiders revealed that the upcoming model’s rear camera is vertically stacked. The front camera, on the other hand, will have facial recognition and retina scanning abilities. Furthermore, they hinted that the front camera will have more than one module.


The iPhone X is expected to be fully housed in composite glass instead of the usual aluminium. Like the iPhone 7, it will also be water-resistant.


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If the idea of dongles put you off, you’ll probably love this. The insiders revealed that Apple will be sticking with the Lightning cable for the iPhone X. The unit will also be fitted with wireless charging capabilities through a rear panel.


Nothing groundbreakingly new in this department, as Apple will reportedly stick with the 3GB RAM for the iPhone X.

There’s no way to verify if the information is true unless Apple addresses the rumours itself, but that wouldn’t stop us from expecting bigger and bolder updates from the tech company.

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