June 7, 2017

iOS 11 Packs Major Upgrades for Apple Devices

Apple began its annual Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday with major announcements, starting with the unveiling of the 11th version of its operating system. iOS 11’s features are mostly significant tweaks to the past operating system, with emphasis on improving the user’s experience. Below, we list down the major upgrades the tech company packed in iOS 11:

Home screen

Photo courtesy of BGR

Apple’s signature home screen now looks sleeker after omitting the labels of the docked apps. The signal bars and the battery indicator were also given a makeover.

Lock Screen

Photo courtesy of Gotta Be Mobile

Users can now view their notifications without having to unlock the phone because now the lock screen and notifications menu are now combined. Moreover, the notifications menu can now be accessed by swiping the bar upwards instead of down.

Apple Pay

Apple’s mobile payment system will now allow peer-to-peer transaction among users. This means that you can pay your friends or ask for money through Siri or messaging. The credit or debit card synced with your account will automatically pay for the transaction.

Control Center

Photo courtesy of BGR

The control centre underwent a major revamp—it’s now fully customizable, which means you can now choose the toggles that you want to appear.


Users can now choose among three voices for Siri since developers added two more for iOS 11. Aside from that, Siri can translate English into various languages as well and is no longer restricted to just Apple software.


Photo courtesy of Mac Rumors

Google is light-years ahead in this category, but this doesn’t mean that Apple isn’t doing anything to catch up. The iOS update contains new features such as indoor mapping of airports and malls, turn by turn navigation with lane and speed limit suggestions, as well as a “Do Not Disturb When Driving” mode which blocks messages and calls while the user is behind the wheel.


Photo courtesy of Phone Arena

iOS 11 saves you from the hassle of figuring out what’s eating up your phone storage with a nifty chart that comprehensively shows the user the status of both phone and iCloud storage.


Are you looking forward to updating your Apple device to iOS 11? Hold on to your seats! The update will roll out later this quarter.