June 12, 2017

Apple WWDC 2017: Hello iMac Pro and the HomePod

Apple’s WWDC 2017 brought some much-awaited announcements that were all unveiled on the first day of the conference. Below, we list down everything you need to know about two of the event’s highlights: the iMac Pro and the HomePod.

iMac Pro

Photo courtesy of Business Insider

Apple positioned its latest desktop upgrade as the ultimate supercomputer, and for good reason: the 5,000 USD machine comes with 32GB of RAM that can be expandable to 128GB, for starters. A computer this fast would need a heavy storage to match, which is why the iMac Pro has a storage capacity of up to 4TB. To say that this computer is impressive is an understatement. It also has VR and 3D rendering capabilities and is fitted with an 18 core Xeon processor, a 27-inch 5k display, and an AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics card that is configurable to Vega 64. Designed with the animators and developers in mind, it’s safe to say that Apple seeks to reclaim its position in workstations worldwide.

Photo courtesy of Petapixel

The iMac Pro ships out this December and we’re betting that it’s going to top quite a lot of wish lists. It will also be available in Space Gray.

Photo courtesy of Wccftech


Photo courtesy of Wired

Apple is back to battle the Google Home and Amazon Echo head-on. Not one to be left behind by its competitors, Apple unveiled its home speaker to the public. However, it was not the Siri speaker that various sources reported prior to the conference. The device is called the HomePod and looks like a Mac Pro in fishnets.

Photo courtesy of Wired

Despite its less inspiring facade, the HomePod isn’t beating around the bush with its features. It has six microphones at the top and a 4-inch woofer. More importantly, the speaker is spatially aware thanks to its A8 chip, which means that it can fine tune the music and sound settings depending on the size and depth of the room it’s in. Users can tell Siri to stream Apple Music and play a song with its Musicologist feature.

Photo courtesy of Variety

Like the iMac Pro, the first batch of HomePods comes out this December for 349USD per unit. Apple will ship to US, UK, and Australia in a limited capacity. International distribution is not set to roll out until early next year.

The HomePod will be available in black and white.

Both products have received mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. However, there’s no way of knowing whose right up until we’ve tried them out ourselves. Let’s just hope Apple lives up to the hype this time.