June 13, 2017

Will Apple Phase Out The iPad Mini? A Look Back

Rumors have been spreading that Apple is planning to discontinue the production of iPad Mini and will focus on highlighting the 10.5” iPad Pro instead.

Two months ago, Apple has discontinued the iPad Mini 2 and already stopped selling the 32GB version of iPad Mini 4. Cheaper prices for the latter are also being offered to speed up the sales of the product. Thus, before Apple finally decides to phase out its contender in the fun-sized tablet category, let us revisit its history—leading to its seeming defeat at present.

The Beginning

Photo courtesy of Gadgetnuz

The iPad Mini was introduced to the public in 2012, two years after Steve Jobs unveiled the first version of the iPad. Since the original iPad has approximately 9.7” by 7.47”, Apple came up with a smaller version for carefree individuals who would only use their tablets for simple tasks like reading and watching movies.

Photo courtesy of Wired

iPad Mini 2

Photo courtesy of The Verge

A year later, the iPad Mini 2 was unveiled. This version has a high-resolution screen courtesy of the Retina display, alongside improved Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity.

iPad Mini 3

Photo courtesy of CVP

In 2014, Apple released the iPad Mini 3, following the prominence of Touch ID among Apple products. It carried the same design of previous iPad versions but this time, it was available in Gold.

iPad Mini 4

ipad mini

Photo courtesy of CNET

The iPad Mini 4 came out in 2015 with a pre-installed operating system and an additional 1GB RAM. New capabilities include Slide Over, Split View, and other multitasking functions. This version was also the first major redesign of the product lineup, which is slightly taller and wider and a much thinner design mirroring that of the iPad Air 2.

What’s next for the iPad Mini?

There has been no addition to the tablet’s line-up for the past two years, which led to speculations that the next iteration will not push through anymore. However, some reports also describe what the upcoming version might look like. Sources tagged it as “iPad Pro Mini”. Everyone’s expecting the same features as the iPhone 6s and 7 such as the 3D touch, fast charging, and waterproofing capabilities.

Through the years, the iPad Mini has become a fan favorite due to its features, design, and usability. The Ipad Mini might be out of the market soon, but knowing Apple as a continuous innovator, people can expect major surprises in its product line-up. 


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