June 18, 2017

5 of the Worst Cyberattacks in History

Cyber attacks have been rampant recently, as criminals continue to develop hacking methods. Entire businesses and governments fall victim to phishing schemes, information theft, or file lockdowns.

Let’s take a look back at 5 of the top cyber attacks ever to happen in technological history.


Photo courtesy of Emaze

In 2000, a virus swept through 50 million computers in Hong Kong, Europe, and the US stealing valuable and personal information. The I Love You virus came in the form of an e-mail attachment entitled “Love Letter For You” which unsuspecting victims opened. It made several copies of itself and made its way into  folders on the computers. Filipinos Reonel Ramones and Onel de Guzman were allegedly responsible for the attack.

Operation Aurora

Photo courtesy of TechPatio

The Chinese government allegedly attacked Google China in 2009, as part of its cyber espionage campaign. Though the source of the attack did originate from the country, the claims against the government have not been proven. The online security breach caused loads of corporate intellectual property to be stolen. 30 prominent companies fell victim to this campaign.


Photo courtesy of CSO Online

The attacks on the email marketing company, Epsilon, is one of the costliest. Epsilon notified its email subscribers of the attack. The phishing attack caused damages estimated at 225 million USD to $4 billion USD.

Titan Rain

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One would expect the security of the US military’s online sources to be highly impenetrable—unfortunately, it did not stand a chance against Chinese hackers. They accessed and exploited top secret US military and NASA files in a span of 3 years.


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This was dubbed as the biggest cyberattack ever. The ransomware, sent through email, locked down people’s files until they paid the $200-$300 ransom. The worm caused trouble in 150 countries—even shutting down Britain’s NHS operations.

Nobody knows how or when future cyber attacks would hit but it always pays to be prepared. Learn how to identify the different types of malware and always keep your antivirus and firewall open!