June 19, 2017

What To Expect From The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

People are holding their breath with only tech rumors and concept photo leaks to base their expectations of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on. So far, what people are certain of is that the phablet will be released around August 2017. Let’s take a closer look at some of the rumors to look forward to.

Infinity Display

Photo courtesy of Express


Since Samsung has already gone bezel-free, we can expect the Galaxy Note 8 to have the same screen design—or even better. Based on the idea that they continue to improve their products, people expect display size to be around 6.2 inches. That’s half an inch bigger than the Galaxy Note 7’s display.


Photo courtesy of Express

Samsung’s past 2 models have used 2560 x 1440 pixel QHD screens, so people are looking forward to their level up to QHD+ displays at 2960 x 1440 pixels. There is a possibility that they will be leveling up this feature to 4K Ultra HD.

The S Pen

Photo courtesy of Express

Rumors have also mentioned that the S pen, Galaxy Note staple, will be housing a new feature aside from its purpose as a stylus. According to some sources, the tip of the pen will contain a built-in speaker.

Double rear cameras

Photo courtesy of Express

Another prediction made about the Galaxy Note 8 is its dual lens rear camera. This calls for wider photo coverage, especially when taking landscape or architectural shots.

Much more is being said by various sources, such as plans of having the fingerprint scanner being at the rear portion of the phone instead of the presumed screen scanner. Also, there are speculations that it will be running either on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or the Exynos 8995 chipset. We can’t say for sure, but with all the battery-related controversy Samsung faced, we’re looking forward to the Galaxy Note 8 as the brand’s redemption.