June 25, 2017

5 Free Ways to Optimize Your Computer’s Performance

Sometimes when you’re rushing to meet a deadline,  your computer just decides to slow down. It’s as if it knows when you need it the most and then it messes up on purpose! Other people prefer to pay for computer tune ups such as extra RAM or computer optimization software. But lucky for you, you don’t need to shell out extra cash. All you have to do is follow these totally FREE methods of optimizing your computer’s performance.

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A very crucial thing to clear up before anything else is all signs of malware, spyware, and adware. Viruses can tremendously slow down your computer. Do a scan of your system and throw out all the computer impurities.

Clean up

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You know those files you forgot were even there? Go over them and delete the ones you don’t need anymore or those that are damaged. If you do need them but won’t be accessing them anytime soon, back them up on an external drive. Cleaning up also means uninstalling old programs and games you aren’t using. Opening up more space means helping your computer run faster.

Disable the unnecessary

There are actually several preset functions on your computer that you never knew were there. Apparently, for Windows 10 PCs, there is an option in ‘Personalization’ that allows you to disable transparency effects on your display. You can also disable startup programs in the ‘Task Manager’.

 Stay updated

Another method to keep your PC up and running is to update it every now and then. This also keeps you safe from different malware. You can use Windows Update found in the Start menu.


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As your files build up, your hard disk space becomes fragmented. It may look like you are running out of free space, but by defragmenting, you get to piece back all the space together—hence, creating more room for your files. To do this, just go to “My Computer”, look for “Properties”, select “Tools”, then click on “Defragment Now”.

Once you’ve finished, regain your space, speed, and productivity!