June 27, 2017

UAE’s First Car: The Jannarelly Design-1

The first car ever to be designed and assembled in the UAE has been flown to France for an exhibit at “24 hours Le Mans”. Inspired by the 1960’s retro look and fused with a futuristic appeal, the Jannarelly Design-1 is valued at over a quarter of 1 million AED.

Building the car

Jannarelly Automotive with Equation Composites LLC is the first company in the UAE to be given a car manufacturing license. With their team of specialists, they created this line of hand-built cars using in-house components. They designed it in such a way that it would make customization easy for whoever would own one.

The Specs

Photo courtesy of Jannarelly

The car is equipped with a 3.5 liter V6 engine capable of 300 horsepower. Its weight is 780 kg, making it light enough for a speed that can achieve a 0-100 sprint in 4 seconds.

Transporting it

Photo courtesy of Automotive Logistics

Of course, this luxury car’s safe journey to France was made possible by none other than Emirates Sky Wheels. This collaboration between Emirates Sky Cargo and Prodex Worldwide enables the transport of premium automobiles. Truly a service fit for a groundbreaking car.


What are your thoughts on UAE’s first car?