July 4, 2017

9 Big Companies That Outsource Customer Service

It is the age of startups and congratulations––you’ve made it this far. But what should you prioritize in order to successfully grow even more? Aside from quality, manpower and customer service are among the things to build up and maintain when you run a business, especially if you want to scale.

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A sponsored study shows how companies in UAE receive an estimate of 900 calls during work hours a month, 650-700 of which are customer inquiries alone. You’d be lucky to attend to 80 and still focus on the other aspects of your business. No one knows how many important calls are made after office hours, especially clients who need immediate attention. That’s why it’s important that you have a strategy for handling all those inbound calls, like a comprehensive call management system.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes—even the big shots.

Outsource your call management now.

These are just some of the most prominent companies in various industries who have held strong with the help of outsourced customer care.


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As technology keeps progressing, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Good thing these companies have people ready to answer their customers’ every call for help.

  1. Google
  2. Apple
  3. Microsoft

Food and Beverages

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Whether it’s a ‘Kiss’ gone wrong or a soda can defect, these companies see far ahead and prepare themselves for all the complaints and inquiries coming their way.

  1. Hershey
  2. Coca-Cola
  3. PepsiCo

Automotives and parts

Some people may find cars complicated or maybe they just didn’t see eye to eye with their sales person. Lucky for these companies, they have enough customer service agents to pacify angry customers or to walk them through solutions.

  1. Ford Motor
  2. Goodyear Tire & Rubber
  3. General Motors

Their products and services are used in people’s everyday lives, making it important for them to keep their customers happy and well-tended to.

outsource customer service

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Customer is king. Who masters customer service wins.

If you’re like these big boys who have outsourced their call management, why won’t you? W
hy wait until all those calls spill over? Use your time and energy to grow your business and leave the rest to those who can carry the load.