July 11, 2017

RED Hydrogen One: Is it wise to preorder this holographic phone?

After the Amazon Fire Phone and Takee 1, another smartphone with a holographic display is coming out—and no, it’s still not going to be like Star Wars.

Photo courtesy of Jedi Temple Archives

What do we know?

Photo courtesy of Automotive Stars

Camera expert Red has announced that it will be releasing a smartphone called ‘The Hydrogen One’. No need for 3D glasses anymore since the phone will contain a 5.7-inch Hydrogen Holographic display.

The phone will also have an earphone jack, USB-C cable and charger, and expandable Micro SD card slot. Other than that, not much information on the phone has been given, yet, preorders have already started, leaving people either skeptical or very excited.

To preorder or not to preorder?

Although Red products are known to have outstanding quality, some don’t recommend preordering the phone. It would be more advisable to wait for more specs information or an actual product demo.

If you go to the link for the product information, notice that there is a disclaimer at the bottom saying that the phone design may still be subject to change. In other words, nothing is certain yet.

What if I can’t wait?

The Hydrogen One’s technology is definitely something that’s keeping us on the edge of our seats. But if you really want to be one of the first to own it—just to ease your mind—you can preorder on their website.

Titanium is priced at $ 1,595 and Aluminum will cost $ 1,195. Delivery will begin during the first quarter of 2018.