July 27, 2017

5 Things to Remember for Your Tech Job Interview

So you’re either fresh out of university or free from your past job and you’re looking to make a name in the tech industry. Find a job in no time with these 5 tech interview tips.

Compile Your Portfolio

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The key to an effective and impactful portfolio is to choose less but the best. Interviewers will appreciate curated and polished work more than a hundred unimpressive projects. A lot of times, interviewers are impressed by well-rounded individuals. You can do this by diversifying what you put in your compilation.

The key to an effective and impactful portfolio is to choose less but the best.

If, for example, you just want to be seen as an expert in UI design, you can draw more attention to it by showing more work related to that skill. Let your work do the talking so that you won’t have to.

First Impressions Matter

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Your job may sometimes require little to no human interaction, but it’s important to put on your best self and connect with your interviewer. Dress to impress, stand with confidence, but speak with courtesy.

Don’t over or under sell

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Sometimes, during job interviews, people have a tendency to either sell themselves too much, or not at all. In relation to number 1, your work should do the talking so try not to over explain and appear too eager. At the same time, appearing too meek with the intention of looking humble is also a bad idea. Let your interviewer know that you are a confident and well-balanced person.

Know who you’re talking to

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When you’re passionate about what you do, especially in tech, you get excited to the point where you flood whoever you’re talking to with heavy jargon. Not all the people who will be interviewing you are knowledgeable about tech or programmer terms. Make a quick profile scan of your interviewer and see whether he or she would appreciate and understand what “Yoda conditions” mean.

Ask all the right questions

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Employers are usually impressed by inquisitive minds. For them, it’s a sign that you have the initiative to learn new things. It will also work to your advantage to know what your job will come with as well as the company’s policies. Just be sure that the questions you ask won’t make you look like you’re prying.

We have a bonus tip for you! Be sure to end the interview with a smile and a handshake.

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