July 30, 2017

Here Are The Tools Every Aspiring Vlogger Needs

Not many people have the personality and flair for being in front of the camera. But if you think you have what it takes to be the next vlogging superstar, here are a few tools that could get you on your way.


Photo courtesy of CNET

One of the things your viewers will look to, if not just your video content, is the quality. Imagine having to watch a pixelated and blurry vlog—who would enjoy that? If you’re the type to do travel or adventure vlogs, try the latest of the GoPro series—the GoPro Hero 5 Black.

Photo courtesy of Adam Plowden Videography

For a simple home set up, a DSLR on a tripod would be just fine and good for starters.


Photo courtesy of Selloscope

Especially if you plan on putting up a make up vlog, a good lighting system is definitely a must-have. Ring lights are gaining popularity in the beauty vlogging world. It’s no mystery why since they bring out the best effect in make up by proper distribution of light across and over the face.

Green Screen

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Some vloggers really know how to have fun with the camera by adding special effects. Let your creativity run free with a green screen. At least that way—if you’re not the travelling type—you want have to leave your seat to go places. The possibilities are endless.

Photo courtesy of Stackward

Editing Software

vlog int image

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The key to making a good video blog is how to piece it all together. Instead of having to shoot everything in one go, add more character to your videos with cuts and transitions. Macs already come with iMovie—so if you have one, you’re all set. However, if you would like to throw in a little animation, you can go over the Adobe creative software to see which best suits your needs.

There are a million different tools you could use to make a great video blog. It all depends on the idea you have in mind, and how far your creativity goes.