August 1, 2017

Decline button doesn’t always show up on your iPhone because of this

Do you ever wonder why some calls on your iPhone have a decline option while others only make you ‘slide to answer’? Nope, it’s not your phone trying to be picky about who you talk to.

The answer’s actually annoyingly simple

Being able to decline a call depends on whether or not you locked your phone. When your phone is unlocked, it will display the accept or decline options. However, if it is locked, the only option there is “slide to answer”.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Not so annoying

Now, Apple didn’t design the iPhone that way just ’cause. They actually put the user experience in mind, and give the interface a purpose. It is assumed that if your phone is unlocked, then you’re probably already pre-occupied with something. This gives you the ability to focus on what you’re doing, and make people buzz off and call later.

Photo courtesy of Mobile 24/7

People usually keep their locked phones in bags or back pockets. The “slide to answer” feature actually helps people avoid accidentally receiving or dropping phone calls.

A phone call hack

If you do find yourself in a situation where you want to ignore a call while your phone is locked, you can press the power button once to silence it. Double clicking it will let you decline the call.

Photo courtesy of Talking Truckers

Apple once again proves that they are a brand that puts the users at top priority, making their products convenient and ergonomic.