We know, we know—why buy expensive headphones when they can just go bust for no reason one day, or worse, get lost or stolen? For some, the answer is because you can always do better. And you know it’s gonna be

Are you planning to go on a roadtrip? Nowadays, you wouldn’t have to study a whole map to get your destination without committing a few unintended detours. Luckily for us here in UAE, apps that rely on GPS tracking systems

The year 2017 marks the 10th year since the release of the first iPhone in 2007. It seemed longer, but yes, it’s only ever been a decade. Remember the iPhone 2? Me neither. because there wasn’t one. Apple produced the first

Both big studio and indie games are becoming more awesome as time goes by. Game production values are on an upward trend nowadays with game studios, developers, and publishers spending as much money as film studios do on mainstream movies.

Finding a place to reside in any busy city like Dubai or Abu Dhabi takes a lot of effort, luck, and smarts and it can be really stressful when you have a deadline (like a first day at a new

Sometimes, you just want a reliable mobile phone without spending too much. You may have lost or broken your one high-end phone and need a quick replacement, or your low income is preventing you from buying that phone you’ve been

Since 2015, our social feeds have been flooded by those viral 1-minute cooking videos that are just so difficult not to watch. They’re everywhere on social media, and their YouTube channels are bursting with subscribers. There’s so many of them

Almost everyone would agree that we would like to leave behind 2016 with all its depressing details and move on to the New Year. But 2016 is also a good year for gaming. Exciting new games and game console made their

For the UAE, 2016 has been an interesting year so far. Last year’s forecast talked about growth, but were we able to achieve this in the UAE? Despite everything that has happened around the globe, the UAE has maintained its

The year 2016 is about to end. It may not be a good year but it’s unfair to say that this year isn’t productive on its own. Wouldn’t it be better to celebrate the great things it gave us? As a