Whatsapp, UAE’s favorite messaging app according to the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, is down. If you’ve been trying to use Whatsapp after midnight, May 4, 2017, then you may have noticed that you are unable to send and receive messages

It was just a couple of days when JadoPado, one of the biggest online marketplaces based in Dubai, UAE, posted a farewell notice on their website after running for 2,420 days. Hot on its heels, has closed its e-commerce

JadoPado, one of the leading online marketplaces that cater to the UAE retail market, shocked the entire online retail community with a simple announcement. Yesterday, an announcement was posted on their website saying that the “JadoPado experiment is at an end.”

We were all wowed by the release of Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s simply an innovative new mobile device that we can’t just pass over. The Samsung S8 just blew the competition out of the water in a lot of ways.

Leaked iPhone 8 schematics are making their rounds in the online community’s social and news feeds, and reactions are as mixed as a bag of namkeen. It’s true that Apple has been playing on the safe side, and has kept

The company responsible for bringing the Hyperloop to the UAE has released photos of the system in development. Just to bring you up to speed, the Los Angeles-based company Hyperloop One is working to produce the world’s first operational Hyperloop transport

Every week, there’s always something interesting going on in the tech world that are too short expound upon, but worthy of being mentioned. Here’s some 5 things you might have missed this week. Western Digital unveils first portable SSD Western

While there have been no announcements as to when it officially opens to the public, the temporary board cover says it all: The Dubai Mall will contain the newest and biggest Apple Store in UAE. If you’re living and working

As part of their 2017-2021 food security strategy, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has prioritized the increased use of hydroponic technology and organic farming in order to boost food production and efficiency. Hydroponic technology relies on nutrient-rich water

SpaceX made history last March 30th by relaunching a rocket that has already been launched and landed before in April of last year. The rocket was a used Falcon 9s and was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and sent a