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Amazon would like your attention please: it’s their turn to show and tell. Amazon recently unveiled the Echo Show, a significant departure from the previous iterations of the home device Amazon Echo. The Echo Show features a retro squarish design

While there have been no announcements as to when it officially opens to the public, the temporary board cover says it all: The Dubai Mall will contain the newest and biggest Apple Store in UAE. If you’re living and working

In partnership with (RED), Apple is offering a red version of their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to highlight the AIDS fundraising campaign. This isn’t just an iPhone with a red case, the actual iPhone 7 itself comes in

We have a lot of expectations for Apple’s next outing and who are we kidding: most of these are unmet. But recently, there have been alleged details of the new iPhone 8 leaked online. They may be true or they

Seems like Samsung isn’t the only one with power problems. Apple announced last November that a number of iPhone 6s units sold in the United Arab Emirates–88,700 units to be exact–has been manufactured with a battery issue that is causing

Apple iPhones have always been a game changer in many ways every since it came out in 2007. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the first iPhone came out, and after 10 (or 11, if you count

The year 2016 is about to end. It may not be a good year but it’s unfair to say that this year isn’t productive on its own. Wouldn’t it be better to celebrate the great things it gave us? As a

This year, Apple finally released the latest in their MacBook Pro line – the MacBook Pro 2016. Is it better than its predecessors? When it comes to product updates, Apple never fails to wow the market with their newest thing. Updating the

What’s there in 2017? More gadgets! Find out what gadgets are set to come out when 2017 rolls in. 2016 has yet to end, but it’s already been marked as a year of developments. This year, we saw the release

Before there were Samsung and Apple, there was Motorola. What happened to this once great brand? Do you still remember the time when flip phones were all the rage? What brand was the first to come to your mind? If