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As the holidays reach its peak, shopping opportunities emerge. We don’t know about you, but this season seems to be a good time to splurge a bit on makeup essentials, especially when stores will have year end sales. But don’t get

The year 2016 has been an interesting year in style. It’s already December and as the year draws to a close, then you’re probably wondering where style trends will go next year. Would pleats, marled knits, and denim continue to stay in

For some people, facial hair can be a problem. You’re here because you need some guidance so trust us, we’re here to help.  Now, what you do about how you look is always your choice. Some people don’t need help while some

There’s a vast selection of international makeup brands and only a few countries produce them but did you know the UAE has its own? Of course it does. The UAE’s cosmetics industry is a thriving market and a veritable hub for cosmetics

It’s party season! A great hairstyle and a stunning dress work wonders, but you’ll need more than these to rock your next party. The holiday season is also the season to party and be merry so in the next few weeks, you’re sure

Winter may be the (cuddle) season some people to look forward to but for some, it’s a dermatological nightmare. Winter is also the season of dry skin and other skin problems. If left unchecked, the cold can do more damage to your

Huda Beauty just launched their Huda Liquid Matte Vault and with supplies flying off the shelves, stocks becoming sold out seems possible. A few days after her announcement in her Instagram post, Huda Beauty has finally released the magical black