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Sometimes when you’re rushing to meet a deadline,  your computer just decides to slow down. It’s as if it knows when you need it the most and then it messes up on purpose! Other people prefer to pay for computer

Microsoft launched Windows 10 S– the new system described to be more streamlined, secure, simple, and speedy. With the latest features and functions, the new operating system is dubbed to be every student’s best friend. Here’s why: Budget friendly Windows

Just recently, a seemingly harmless string of e-mails wreaked havoc on over 200,000 computer systems in 150 countries all over the world, thus going down in history as the biggest cybercrime attack ever recorded. Although the Wannacry ransomware was contained

USB drives, flash drives, thumb drives— whatever you call it, this little piece of technology is undeniably one of mankind’s greatest inventions. We’ve come a long way from storing .doc files in diskettes of varying colors, each stored in clear

This year, Apple finally released the latest in their MacBook Pro line – the MacBook Pro 2016. Is it better than its predecessors? When it comes to product updates, Apple never fails to wow the market with their newest thing. Updating the

Samsung recently announced their return to desktop PC production with their newest desktop PC, the ArtPC Pulse. Now, we know what you’re thinking: it’s a little like Apple’s cylindrical Mac Pro, HP’s Wave, and MSI’s Vortex gaming PC. To be