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Since Intel announced its release of the Core i9 during Computex, enthusiasts have been keeping on the edge of their seats. Let’s go over the essentials of the Intel Core i9. What are we looking at?   The Core i9

Cyber attacks have been rampant recently, as criminals continue to develop hacking methods. Entire businesses and governments fall victim to phishing schemes, information theft, or file lockdowns. Let’s take a look back at 5 of the top cyber attacks ever

Bill Gates took to Twitter to share his advice for the class of 2017. The richest man in the world urged fresh graduates to “start fighting inequity, whether down the street or around the world, sooner.” Moreover, he also suggested that

Over 100 countries around the world experienced the biggest cyber attack to date on May 12. For a certain period of time, valuable files and systems were inaccessible causing companies to halt their operations, or revert to the use of

We all need space. We can’t all rely on putting our stuff online, so we need bigger, better data storage. The progress of today’s technology can barely keep up with the demand for faster computing power and larger digital storage. That’s why our

Due to the recent Yahoo hack, netizens are on high alert mode when it comes to account security and personal information. However, how can you be really sure that right now, no one is stealing your credit card information, hacking

For those people who are into information technology, the term “ransomware” is not new. Its first occurrence was said to be in Russia almost ten years ago when a user’s files got zipped and password-protected. Ransomware then left a text

When it comes to computers, what sets an excellent computer apart from any other is something that goes beyond a crystal clear monitor or a smashing audio system. We walk you through the inner workings of the Intel Core i7