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Quick question: are you willing to spend half a thousand bucks on a juicer? Not the extractor type you see in shopping networks, where celebrity endorsers drop whole apples in a chute. This juicer we’re talking about literally squeezes the

Did you know that 35% of women and 25% of men say they buy more secondhand products than new products? This is according to Global Market Insite, Inc (GMI), a digital data collection and marketing research company. Whether you’re part of

There are different kinds of ovens but only two of them are specifically designed to heat food inside and out. There’s the convection oven and the microwave oven. They both heat food evenly, inside and outside, but they use different

Arabs are divided over coffee and tea. Some enjoy the kick of caffeine while other love the subtleties of tea. So which of the two is more popular?  Coffee takes the lead Reports say that the coffee market is expected to increase by

A convection oven is your kitchen friend when all other ovens aren’t up for the task of thorough, even cooking. Technically, all ovens (except microwave ovens) are convection ovens because convection, by definition, is the natural circulation of heat created

Have you ever felt like a chef when stir frying your lunch? How about when you cut those onions and garlic so fast? At one point in our time, we all try to act or feel like chefs. Who wouldn’t?

Have you ever experienced an irritating feeling in your nose while breathing after being inside an airconditioned room for so long? If yes, then this might be because the air is dry. In this case, then consider getting yourself a

We were misled. That meek appliance sitting in the corner is not just for cooking rice. it can do many other wonders. Because it’s been named “rice cooker,” we were all led to assume that this appliance is just for

We’ve heard the term “slow cooker” many times in our lifetime, and unless we’re really into cooking, I bet there’s so little that we know about this fairly obscure kitchen appliance. First, do not confuse a slow cooker with a

A lot of the convenience we have now are products of innovations made through the years, and some of them are somewhat taken for granted whether we admit it or not. For example, take a look at that tall and