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Need some coffee but don’t have the time to visit your local coffee shop? Get yourself a capsule coffee machine. Capsule coffee machines belong to the coffee maker family but use a less demanding process. Just simply pop a pre-packaged coffee capsule or pod

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better,” bestselling author Justina Cheng once said. Drinking coffee is no longer just a morning habit these days. There’s already a lifestyle built around it. We bond with our friends or

We all love microwave ovens for the convenience they bring in preparing and reheating our food in under a minute. No need for pots and pans, just your plate or bowl or container. But easy prep meals tend to become boring

Children are picky eaters, preferring to eat their favorite food always, refusing any food that even remotely resembles a plant. There are ways, though, of adding vegetables to their meals and making them love it. 1. Hummus With A Twist To those who

For many people, life in the UAE means luxury. For the UAE’s privileged few, living large is a complete understatement. From a fleet of high-end sports cars to skyscrapers in the desert, to large shopping centers and extravagant places of entertainment, the UAE

Just to make sure you aren’t putting yourselves or your property in danger, here are a few reminders about microwave oven use. The Microwave oven: the lazy cook’s trusty friend and substitute parent, and the careless consumer’s enemy and inevitable

The act of managing your day to day activities is difficult, especially those of you out there who are working parents with school-age children. One of the most daunting tasks as parents is preparing lunch for your kids, something we

Moving to your first apartment? Whether you’re living solo or with a roommate or two, here’s the 5 home appliances that you will need to make your new nest livable. One of the highlights of every young adult’s life is