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Recently, hackings have been more prominent in world affairs, like the alleged state-sponsored hacks of the last US elections. A hacking of this magnitude only encourages other groups of people to hire hackers for their own ends and usually, these

As private individuals, we tend to take our privacy for granted. If people don’t see you or what you’re doing, that’s fine. The only fame we ever seem to be content with is among our friends and their friends. And

Due to the recent Yahoo hack, netizens are on high alert mode when it comes to account security and personal information. However, how can you be really sure that right now, no one is stealing your credit card information, hacking

For those people who are into information technology, the term “ransomware” is not new. Its first occurrence was said to be in Russia almost ten years ago when a user’s files got zipped and password-protected. Ransomware then left a text