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It is the age of startups and congratulations––you’ve made it this far. But what should you prioritize in order to successfully grow even more? Aside from quality, manpower and customer service are among the things to build up and maintain when

Microsoft’s much-hyped Project Scorpio finally has a name. Microsoft finally announced The Xbox One X in a briefing days before the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the most anticipated annual video game conference. E3 takes place from June 13 until June 15 at the Los

Bill Gates took to Twitter to share his advice for the class of 2017. The richest man in the world urged fresh graduates to “start fighting inequity, whether down the street or around the world, sooner.” Moreover, he also suggested that

The existence of HP’s Elite x3, a Microsoft-powered smartphone that doubles as a PC’s CPU through a smartphone dock, effectively realizes Microsoft’s goal of giving you the option to replace your PC with a mobile phone. The question then is if

The Playstation 4 and the Xbox One remain to be at the top of the line when it comes to console gaming. However, the PS4 has always been ahead of Xbox One, with sales of up to 45.3 million units sold

Deciding to get a mid-range phone is one thing, but selecting the best one for you is another. In this digital age, many of us can’t function without smartphones. While getting top notch tech would be best, the mid-range ones are

Microsoft recently unveiled a slew of new tech during their Surface 2016 event in New York on Wednesday. Over the course of two hours, Microsoft showed off to the public their intention of supporting artists and content creators through their

As the Microsoft event looms close, more and more rumors have been circulating about the supposed launch of the Surface Phone. While the November 2 Microsoft event is supposedly for unveiling a new Surface tablet among others, enthusiasts could not

Microsoft has officially announced that they will no longer manufacture Band, its wearable fitness trackers. What made them put an end to Microsoft Band? Microsoft pulls the plug on its fitness wearable line this month, and reports say the company

The Xbox One S Review

Ever since Microsoft announced the arrival of their latest console, the Xbox One S, gamers all over the world have held their breaths in anticipation. The redesigned model of the original Xbox One promises a whole new look and feel