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The best phones are not cheap. You’ll want to buy a great one that’s worth your money without any regrets. But, you also want a good deal so you’ll needed to think through your options carefully and not end up

The last thing anyone wants from their smartphone is to slow down and add up to their ever growing frustration. Because if your phone has slowed down to the point of freezing, you know it wasn’t sudden. It was a slow

How do you save a phone that has been submerged in water? It’s a surprisingly common experience: you knocked a glass of water over your phone or you dropped it in a toilet/pool/beach/ocean/a bowl of soup/a flooded gutter, and now

Losing data happens to everyone. You maybe organizing your files, traveling outdoors, or just multitasking. By some weird improbable accident, you delete them all or lose the data – even important files from work or your vacation pictures. You lost them and

Let’s face it, whether you’re using top of the line tech or their cheap but reliable counterparts, they are all equal in one respect: their batteries are going to die. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best battery that human