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Among the announcements made at E3, what got us was the huge wave Nintendo has coming for us soon. Oh, but where to begin? More on Switch Nintendo continues to build up their Switch world by adding new games and

Just a few weeks after the release of the Nintendo Switch, an iOS hacker who goes by the name qwertyoruiop posted a photo claiming that he has hacked the newest game console by Nintendo. The photo released was of Nintendo

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild won’t be out in Nintendo Wii U and Switch until March 3 and with only a few weeks away, we can’t wait to explore this game for real. Are you excited? The game

Almost everyone would agree that we would like to leave behind 2016 with all its depressing details and move on to the New Year. But 2016 is also a good year for gaming. Exciting new games and game console made their

Nintendo just released a trailer of their latest product that blew the collective minds of gamers and tech enthusiasts everywhere: the Nintendo Switch. The new console will be launched on March 2017 and we can’t wait to lay our hands