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Are you planning to go on a roadtrip? Nowadays, you wouldn’t have to study a whole map to get your destination without committing a few unintended detours. Luckily for us here in UAE, apps that rely on GPS tracking systems

2017 is the year of comebacks for the mobile phone industry. Immediately after Nokia relaunched its ingenuous 3310 model, Samsung retaliated by announcing that they have a new flip phone in the works. The Samsung W2017 is set to hit

What could ruin your phone can ruin your day. If you aren’t careful enough, water (or any fluid) can do just that. Mobile phones are valuable pieces of complex technology that we often take for granted. People are careless and sometimes they

The Xiaomi Mi 5 is a beautiful smartphone that doesn’t hurt your wallet, but how does it compare to other brands? Almost everyone has a smartphone these days but trying to keep up with the latest trends in smartphone technology is

Xiaomi Mi Mix just took us into the future with its all-display facade, setting the bar for progressive smartphone design. Apart from maximizing every bit of space for its screen, what makes the Xiaomi Mi Mix one of the highly anticipated smartphones in