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Take a look at Motorola’s rise and fall through the years

Before there were Samsung and Apple, there was Motorola. What happened to this once great brand? Do you still remember the time when flip phones were all the rage? What brand was the first to come to your mind? If

You have to get your hands on these 8 mid-range smartphones

Deciding to get a mid-range phone is one thing, but selecting the best one for you is another. In this digital age, many of us can’t function without smartphones. While getting top notch tech would be best, the mid-range ones are

Is the Microsoft Surface Phone finally coming to the UAE?

As the Microsoft event looms close, more and more rumors have been circulating about the supposed launch of the Surface Phone. While the November 2 Microsoft event is supposedly for unveiling a new Surface tablet among others, enthusiasts could not

Samsung halts sale, replacement, and production of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung finds itself deeper in a quagmire of exploding Galaxy Note 7s, product recalls, botched replacements, and slow PR responses as three replacement units caught fire all within a few days of each other last week, prompting the tech giant

The Huawei Nova review

The Huawei Consumer Business Group has just released an exciting line of smartphones that will wow the market, featuring Huawei Nova, the mid-range smartphone that satisfies the tech needs of UAE’s mobile market. As the mobile market continues to ascend,

White flag: Blackberry to cease smartphone production

Years of battling the smartphone wars has come to this: Ontario-based Blackberry Ltd. has thrown in the towel and will no longer be adding new models to its lineup of iconic handsets. After the July 2016 announcement that it will