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We’re counting down to the last few days before the official start of the summer season. Have you packed your traveling bags yet? Make sure that every activity in your itinerary is well-documented so you have something to look back

Are you fond of gaming? If you are, listen up: Samsung just unveiled the CHG90 yesterday, a “super ultrawide” monitor that is currently the widest screen in the market. The model is extremely wide that Samsung had to come up

Microsoft launched Windows 10 S– the new system described to be more streamlined, secure, simple, and speedy. With the latest features and functions, the new operating system is dubbed to be every student’s best friend. Here’s why: Budget friendly Windows

“AR (Augmented Reality) is designed to add, enhance the things you do as a human being: Being outside, socializing with other people, shopping, playing, having fun. AR can make all those things better,” mused John Hanke, Niantic CEO and the

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, LG unveiled an unusual smartphone. It was neither avant-garde nor a piece of novelty that will be forgotten in a year’s time. Neither was it a game-changing piece of technology, nor an

Recently, hackings have been more prominent in world affairs, like the alleged state-sponsored hacks of the last US elections. A hacking of this magnitude only encourages other groups of people to hire hackers for their own ends and usually, these

As private individuals, we tend to take our privacy for granted. If people don’t see you or what you’re doing, that’s fine. The only fame we ever seem to be content with is among our friends and their friends. And

Flexible display: you’ve probably heard of this before. The tech world has been waiting for the release of devices featuring flexible OLEDs for years. So where are they? Are they going to appear this time for real? Is it any

Dubai’s property market can be described in one word: luxurious. The city was dubbed a millionaire’s haven with good reason. Properties being built on man-made peninsulas and the continuous development of ultra-modern luxury villas are not commonplace anywhere else in the world

Smart home systems are now slowly becoming the norm. People are looking for ways to incorporate technology into their lifestyle. As a country known for its people’s grandiose lifestyles, expat culture, and fascinating city developments, the UAE is not one to miss this