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You have just finished posting your piece of mind on Facebook regarding a political article, and have now started to sift through your friends’ comments on the issue. Most of them were civilized–prodding maybe, but in a way that encourages

We’re counting down to the last few days before the official start of the summer season. Have you packed your traveling bags yet? Make sure that every activity in your itinerary is well-documented so you have something to look back

Heads up, Emiratis: you might be saying goodbye to traditional SIM cards sooner than you think. According to various new sources, various telecom operators, including etisalat and du, are planning to increase production of eSIMs due to the positive reception

Finding a place to reside in any busy city like Dubai or Abu Dhabi takes a lot of effort, luck, and smarts and it can be really stressful when you have a deadline (like a first day at a new

Sometimes, you just want a reliable mobile phone without spending too much. You may have lost or broken your one high-end phone and need a quick replacement, or your low income is preventing you from buying that phone you’ve been

Since 2015, our social feeds have been flooded by those viral 1-minute cooking videos that are just so difficult not to watch. They’re everywhere on social media, and their YouTube channels are bursting with subscribers. There’s so many of them

Going to college can be fun, but sometimes the pressure of learning your lessons and getting along with fellow students and your professors while trying to enjoy school life could be overwhelming. Most people describe collegiate life as both a