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Alibaba Group’s cloud-computing arm, Alibaba Cloud, announced last month their plan to open a new data center in Dubai by the end of this year, in an effort to penetrate the Middle Eastern market and bring cloud storage services in the region. Similar

OnePlus 3 steps down as the cheapest Android phone in the market. Its replacement? The new and upgraded OnePlus 3T. It was just six months ago when OnePlus 3 was released in the market and charmed every Android user who can’t

Samsung is launching a new AI with its new Galaxy S8 that’s also integrated with Samsung’s wearable tech and smart appliances. This new development aims to put Samsung amongst Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, who have put out devices with

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 may have disappeared forever in a burst of flame as they permanently discontinued production of the notorious unit earlier this month. However, that didn’t stop Samsung from continuing their Galaxy Note line. If anything, it’s an encouragement