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HTC’s flagship phone, the HTC 10, and HTC U Ultra welcome a new sibling: the HTC U Play. But with the flagship phone and its higher-end sibling, is the HTC U Play worth its price and specs? The HTC U

Mid-range phones are the bread and butter of every smartphone company, that’s why it was no surprise that the Galaxy A series was a success for the company last year. This year, Samsung has gone back to their winning formula

The existence of HP’s Elite x3, a Microsoft-powered smartphone that doubles as a PC’s CPU through a smartphone dock, effectively realizes Microsoft’s goal of giving you the option to replace your PC with a mobile phone. The question then is if

The Asus ZenWatch 3 has shown us how smartwatches have come far since the original LG G Watch and the first Moto 360. Of course, there’s still so much the technology could improve upon with the release of the Android

The general consensus for the part tablet, part laptop Microsoft Surface Book is satisfaction. For Microsoft, it’s just the beginning. Microsoft’s Surface Book has been so well-received that instead of introducing a new product so soon after the Surface Book,

This year, Apple finally released the latest in their MacBook Pro line – the MacBook Pro 2016. Is it better than its predecessors? When it comes to product updates, Apple never fails to wow the market with their newest thing. Updating the

In this time of innovation when anything and everything could be done through the power of the Internet and wireless connection, is it best to have your very own Chromecast Ultra? Let’s find out. In 2013, Google introduced Chromecast- a