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Food production has become more unsustainable in the last decade or so. Mass, for-profit food production had become more harmful to the environment and the people it feeds. At the same time, technology has made leaps and bounds and introduced

As private individuals, we tend to take our privacy for granted. If people don’t see you or what you’re doing, that’s fine. The only fame we ever seem to be content with is among our friends and their friends. And

Over the past two decades, Dubai has been pushing its efforts to become one of the smartest cities in the world through the Smart Dubai project and thereby fueling economic changes in the UAE. The Dubai government has been developing

Xiaomi Mi Mix just took us into the future with its all-display facade, setting the bar for progressive smartphone design. Apart from maximizing every bit of space for its screen, what makes the Xiaomi Mi Mix one of the highly anticipated smartphones in

From the much awaited announcements heralded by Apple CEO Tim Cook, we bring you the most important bits from the Apple Keynote Event held in San Francisco on September 7, 2016. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are here. The