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Hello, Google Pixel!

Google is unveiling Google Pixel in a matter of hours at this year’s Google event. The “Nexus” phone, which has always been known as a device made by a third-party manufacturer, has been in the market since 2010. All this

Years of battling the smartphone wars has come to this: Ontario-based Blackberry Ltd. has thrown in the towel and will no longer be adding new models to its lineup of iconic handsets. After the July 2016 announcement that it will

With smartphone technology and consumer behavior shifting to mobile, some might start to think that the time of game consoles is coming to an end. In reality, that is far from happening. Game enthusiasts remain fixated as ever in consoles,

Apple did not just unveil the iPhone 7 in the past weeks; it also launched a new update- the iOS 10. Apple claims that this is their ‘biggest update ever’, but just how “big” is “biggest”? Let’s find out by

[UPDATED] After the igniting battery fiasco of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Snappo would like to discourage our readers from buying the product despite our earlier positive review. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now available in the market. With

The LG OLED E6 series is LG’s latest OLED flatscreen offering this year. Can it hold a candle to other big names in the OLED category? LG has been battling with Samsung for the top spot in the OLED TV

When it comes to computers, what sets an excellent computer apart from any other is something that goes beyond a crystal clear monitor or a smashing audio system. We walk you through the inner workings of the Intel Core i7