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Just last year, Google reported that UAE has a whopping 73.8% share in global smartphone penetration, which puts the country in the top spot. Indeed, spotting an Emirati without a smartphone in hand is a rare sight nowadays, especially when

Dubai’s local government is currently undertaking initiatives to make Dubai one of the cleanest cities in the world by 2050. It’s no wonder then that Dubai, a city that aims to become as sustainable as it can be, is also one of the

Dubai’s property market can be described in one word: luxurious. The city was dubbed a millionaire’s haven with good reason. Properties being built on man-made peninsulas and the continuous development of ultra-modern luxury villas are not commonplace anywhere else in the world

The Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) will be launching the home safety package in their effort to ensure residential fire safety, the DCD announced last October. This will include safety packages for residential homes and a program to raise fire-prevention awareness and safety practices

Smart home systems are now slowly becoming the norm. People are looking for ways to incorporate technology into their lifestyle. As a country known for its people’s grandiose lifestyles, expat culture, and fascinating city developments, the UAE is not one to miss this

Arabs are divided over coffee and tea. Some enjoy the kick of caffeine while other love the subtleties of tea. So which of the two is more popular?  Coffee takes the lead Reports say that the coffee market is expected to increase by

Emirati cuisine is always rooted in tradition. Now, the Emirati food we know and love are getting a modern touch. Simple yet truly satisfying, they excite the palate of both locals and tourists with its fusion of authentic Middle Eastern and Asian