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The first car ever to be designed and assembled in the UAE has been flown to France for an exhibit at “24 hours Le Mans”. Inspired by the 1960’s retro look and fused with a futuristic appeal, the Jannarelly Design-1

Heads up, Emirati Whatsapp users: rumour has it that you can now use the voice and video-calling features of the app. How true is it and will it last long? An early “Eid al Fitr Gift”? According to various sources, a

Heads up, Emiratis: you might be saying goodbye to traditional SIM cards sooner than you think. According to various new sources, various telecom operators, including etisalat and du, are planning to increase production of eSIMs due to the positive reception

Just last year, Google reported that UAE has a whopping 73.8% share in global smartphone penetration, which puts the country in the top spot. Indeed, spotting an Emirati without a smartphone in hand is a rare sight nowadays, especially when

It was just a couple of days when JadoPado, one of the biggest online marketplaces based in Dubai, UAE, posted a farewell notice on their website after running for 2,420 days. Hot on its heels, Yallashop.com has closed its e-commerce

As part of their 2017-2021 food security strategy, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has prioritized the increased use of hydroponic technology and organic farming in order to boost food production and efficiency. Hydroponic technology relies on nutrient-rich water

Flying drone taxis. Hyperloop. Self-driving public transportation.  The future is now here in the UAE. What better way to cement this status than by receiving the patent to an invention that will help predict the future? Scientists from the United

Another telecommunications company will soon join the party in the UAE alongside du and Etisalat. With a considerable fan base and brand following, Virgin Mobile will soon set its roots in the UAE through Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), the

Thanks to the latest Android updates, Google Maps is no longer just another navigation app that tells you how to get from Point A to Point B. If you’re working in Dubai Silicon Oasis and, like a percentage workers that

Over the past two decades, Dubai has been pushing its efforts to become one of the smartest cities in the world through the Smart Dubai project and thereby fueling economic changes in the UAE. The Dubai government has been developing