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Gears of War has been a successful trilogy of third-person shooter games that have entertained gamers all around for years. As we welcome a new generation of gamers, it’s high time that The Coalition, its developers, and Microsoft Studios, its

The year 2017 looks like a great year for gamers with this great lineup of new sequels to beloved games.  We’re down to the last quarter of 2016, just a few months away before the year ends. For gamers, this also means

If you’re not into Trick-or-Treat-ing because it’s just not scary enough and horror movies because you’re just not in it enough, then you probably belong to the millions who sit in that comfortable spot between both: a delightfully horrifying interactive

Variable State takes us into the strange but familiar world of Virginia. Unravel the mystery and the secrets that lie beneath the secluded fictional town of Kingdom, Virginia as the story unfolds. We all love to play a little mystery